Unable to install tcl-chemshell(v3.7.1)

Hello all,

I have been trying to install tcl-chemshell(v3.7.1) in my local system(ubuntu 22.04). I configures the files following instructions provided in the installation guide. During compiling using make, I am facing a run time error. I am attaching the screenshot of the error with this thread. I greatly appreciate any insight in resolving this error.
tcl version - 8.5.11
gfortran version - 11.4.0
gcc version - 11.4.0


If you haven’t already could you try compiling with the following extra flags in your configuration script:

export FFLAGS=-fallow-argument-mismatch
export F90FLAGS=-fallow-argument-mismatch

These are necessary for gfortran versions > 10.0.

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Hello Tom,

I appreciate your prompt response. Thanks to the additional flags you provided, I was able to successfully compile the code on my system.

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Hi Ram,

That’s great, thanks for confirming that this fixes the problem.

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