Error in running hybrid qm/mm calculation in tcl-chemshell

I am running a hybrid qm/mm calculation with TCl-chemshell for a protein using the turbomole code for the qm region and the dl-poly for the mm region employing the CHARMM force field. However after running the job, I am facing the following error.
"param_add_parm: problem processing forcefield record - periodic torsion END i-j-k-l
ChemShell exiting code 1
the following objects are still declared:

*dl-find.coo fragment 3 main molecule 1
* matrix 2 main Scratch energies for dl-find interface
*dl-find.gradient matrix 2 main Scratch gradient for dl-find interface

  • charmm.c fragment 1 main molecule 1
    hybrid.conn fragment 2 main molecule 1
    *hybrid.turbomole.coords fragment 1 main molecule 7
    hybrid.turbomole.ener matrix 1 main unnamed
    hybrid.turbomole.grad matrix 1 main unnamed
    hybrid.turbomole.iscg matrix 1 main unnamed
    *hybrid.dl_poly.coords fragment 1 main molecule 8
    hybrid.dl_poly.ener matrix 1 main unnamed
    hybrid.dl_poly.grad matrix 1 main unnamed
    writing persistent objects to diskā€¦

Can anybody help me in solving this error?

With regards,