Bash: chemsh: command not found

Dear Tom,
I am not able to run any script with the command: chemsh filename.chm
bash: chemsh: command not found…
I have access for tcl based chemshell-3.7.1 (/home/debasish/PROGRAM/chemsh-3.7.1)
how can i check if chemshell is compiled correctly or what might be done to make this work.

I appreciate your help.


Hi Kritika,

First of all you should check to see whether there is a file called “chemsh” in the scripts/ folder in your ChemShell build (/home/debasish/PROGRAM/chemsh-3.7.1/scripts). If there is, it means that ChemShell has compiled and the problem is only that bash cannot find the script. You can solve this either by giving the full path to bash when you run ChemShell, or more conveniently by adding the path to the scripts folder to the $PATH environment variable so that it can be run with the command “chemsh”.

Best wishes,


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your help. It is now working.